Leveraging Siri and iOS integration to support those with limited short term memory.

Personal Project 2019
My Focus
Figma, Procreate
80 Hours

Short-term memory (STM) is fleeting, the quicker a can perform a task, the less mental strain is involved. Smartphones are critical tools that enable people with limited STM to track track habits, give reminders, and document daily experiences. Phones are also incredibly distracting, which can make it harder to do things quickly and cause more mental strain.

Design a feature that maximizes the user’s ability to access and input information quickly, but avoid unnatural prescriptive steps. Ensure that this feature integrates seamlessly with a current smartphone OS.
A pinboard function for Siri—a universally accessible widget integrated with Siri commands with iOS applications to address daily challenges for users with limited STM.


I started this project because I wanted to design a tool that would help individuals living with limited STM, but didn't really know where to begin. So I asked people with limited STM.
Through multiple rounds of interview, I oriented questions towards better understanding fundamental daily challenges and how users solve these challenges on their own.

My primary insights:

  • Struggle to stay on task and recall tasks as they need to happen.
  • Use productivity tools for notes, scheduling, reminders, and visual reference.
  • Prefer dictation to writing/typing because speaking requires less mental processing.
  • Depend on visual reminders to help jog task memory
  • Like and dislike technology because things like phones are helpful but also a reminder that STM loss affects even the simplest tasks.

I compiled thoughts into an empathy map for reference. Then I compared the different applications interviewees referred to to solve daily challenges.
I compared these applications along different categories, noting what frustrations were experienced in the process of using them.

Primary User Needs

  • A clean simple interface that focus on singular tasks.
  • A way to grab the users attention.
  • To accomplish tasks quickly and on the go.
  • The option to see content from outside of apps.

Marty Gala

After suffering from a stroke, Marty has struggled with STM since the age of 16. He uses his phone daily to record things that he might forget and remind him of his daily schedule.It is his primary communication tool, but it can take a long time to find the information that he needs. 
To help Marty complete tasks more quickly, I created a series of user flows focused on accomplishing singular tasks. Their simplicity ensured simplified processes to accomplish tasks.

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Integrating into iOS

I explored different ways to visualize Pinboard's features through sketches. I found this particularly challenging because Siri’s design is oriented around VUI rather than a visual interface.
I asked myself how I might represent Siri components that were not solely voice interactions. I drew inspirations from Shortcuts and Siri’s App Suggestions.

High Fidelity Challenges

I chose to make the widget interface dark like Siri's VUI as a way to meet limited STM users needs.
The "Siri Theme" is different from alert banners, grabbing attention, without distracting.

Amy Pippa Nardie-Warner
UX/UI Designer
New York City